Review for “Perchance to Theme”




"I caught up with Clark Warren in his latest series of shows, "Perchance to Theme," at Danny's Sklylight Room last week. This veteran crooner - who has a penchant for romance and class in his white dinner jacket - has a snappy, lighthearted way with his audience. He pokes fun at himself one minute and breaks your heart the next (with a poignant reading of the Sondheim beauty "Good Thing Going" in medley with "First" by Hamilton -Mandel). His professional history and life experience lend to one of cabaret's warmest hours. While he pops into a lounge style sometimes, this seasoned pro also recalls an almost forgotten time. With musical director Frank Underwood, one of our town's best piano entertainers, Warren lifts good taste to an art form. He was most convincing in a tender "Inch Worm" (by Frank Loesser from "Hans Christian Andersen") sung to his grown daughter as he had when she was young. Donald Hunt's "When the Wind Was Green," sung by Warren using a vibraphone, was as sweet and melancholic as this handsome senior."

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