“Unexpected pleasures at Don’t Tell Mama. I was surprised to hear some great songs

that I had not heard before or had not registered without the lyric feeling Warren projected.

A catalogue of unusual arrangements and vibrant singing by Clark Warren.”


“Artistotle said: ‘Quality is not an act, it is a habit.’

In terms of “quality cabaret”, Clark Warren’s latest show has all the ingredients that go into the finest, award winning shows in cabaret.”

ELIZABETH AHFORS – Theater Pizzazz! –

“Clark Warren is dapper and silver-haired with a hip jazz knack to his music."

ROGER SHORE – Lyricist

"His delivery of a lyric and interpretation, which includes phrasing, breatheing, etc. makes him an acolyte of the Bobby Troup school. Warren is part of that wonderful club.”

DAVID FINKLE – Backstage.Com

“Clark Warren gives his audience not only what they want, but also what they might not have thought to want but, was delighted to get. The man…is thinking right.”

ROBERT WINDELER – Bistro Awards –

“In the baker’s dozen numbers in his show, Warren demonstrates a range of interest that is beyond eclectic. The songs themselves are mostly a treat, insightfully interpreted and forcefully delivered.”


WARD MOREHOUSE III – Black Tie Magazine –

“To call Clark Warren a throwback to the heydays of Sinatra, Mel Torme and Fred Astaire is an understatement. Warren is in a class by himself, a singer and entertainer who will leave you wishing you never have to leave the room. You’ll want to hear and see him again and again!”

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